Sunday Afternoon musings...

I ALMOST died this morning while playing
the piano at church.

So hot.  
But you see, I had bought this adorable dress 
yesterday with a beautiful sweater to match

And so, the piano playing wasn't perfect, 
but I lived after all.

Thank the good Lord above.

This was my husband's first Sunday as teacher of the Adult Sunday School
class at church.

He did a great job.  
I'm excited for him to have this opportunity.

We've been Youth Pastor here at Crusade for 2 years now, almost 3.  
So, it's good for him to branch out and talk to adults. 

I spent the afternoon at Panera Bread.
With the lesson plans for the next month.
It was glorious. 
I ordered the Caramel Cappuccino and sipped slowly as I worked.
I'm going to try to keep up with this once a month.  
A "pulling myself together" time.
I need it.
I forgot my Bible at home today.
I'm very often *NOT* altogether.  

Happy Sunday!



David and Dee Dee Sterling said...

Ha. Love your alone time place. Recently, mine and my husband's driver's licenses expired. Long story short I was finally able to renew mine online but since my husband has a CDL he can't renew online. SO, I am the family chauffeur now! :( However, while David is teaching English classes in the city I can actually sit in the car for an hour to wait for him and I have started taking along papers to grade. It is amazing how much I can accomplish in that hour alone in the car!! So, at times it is a blessing that I "have" to take him into the city for that very reason! I take along my Bible too and just have myself quite the time! :) Happy for you that you are able to get away a little! We need that!

~Amy~ said...

Ha Dee, that's funny! I'm glad you have some quiet time too! Boy do I need it. No one seems to nap anymore around here....