Our Chloe~girl

On August 19, we awoke to the first day of school!  The kids were so excited, as was I.  We ate breakfast, did our pledges on the front porch and sang Count Your Blessings on the front porch.  Took our yearly first day of school pictures.  Weighed ourselves on our Wii Fit and then jogged a while.  We then went to the school room in orderly fashion (ha) and opened our Bible.

This is when I noticed something was wrong with Chloe.  She couldn't find any verses in the Bible.  She was just flipping and flipping and flipping with an "I don't care" attitude.  She had no idea that I was upset or that she wasn't "obeying" or anything.  I called my husband right away and said "Something is wrong with Chloe."  I knew right away that something was definitely off...  Chloe doesn't just not obey and then smile at you.  Anyway over the course of the morning I called Justus 3 or 4 times.  I was bawling at this point.  I had never seen anything like this before and I had no idea what was coming.  Justus finally told me to call Jack, a dear man in our church, and ask him to come pray for Chloe.  Justus was over an hour away at this point in his work truck and then it would take him another half an hour from the plant to get home, he knew we needed some prayer NOW.  

Mr. Jack came over and tried talking with Chloe for a bit. He then began to pray and as he was praying I heard a sound coming from Chloe...I opened my eyes and she was in the middle of a full blown tonic-clonic seizure.  I have never seen anything like it before in my life.  Before I could get to her, she fell off the couch and landed on her nose, breaking her nose.  She continued to seize on the floor for several minutes.  Jack told me to dail 911.  The EMT arrived just a few minutes later and Chloe was still seizing.  She actually didn't stop seizing for around 5 hours or so. Apparently she had a very rare seizure called Status Epilepticus.  She (and I) were in the hospital for 3 days while she recovered and they did every test imaginable.  They still haven't found the cause for her seizure.  She has had one more seizure that didn't develop into an SE because we were able to catch it in time and give her the Klonopin they prescribed.  

These have been the scariest weeks of my life.  Watching Chloe seize and knowing there was nothing that I could physically do to stop it...wondering when the next one would arrive...wondering if the next one would be during the day or (God forbid) in the middle of the night when we might not notice.  BUT GOD has shown HIMSELF so real in our lives through this very scary time.  He has drawn us closer to HIM.  All of us.  Ben was right there with his sister both times she had a seizure.  He was so scared and worried. And all I could do was say "pray, Ben, pray."  And he would.  

And so I am asking you, dear friends, to pray for our Chloe~girl.  The doctors hope to not have to put her on a daily seizure medication.  So we wait.  And hope that she never has another one.  And trust that God knows... He always knows.  Exodus 20:20-21 And Moses said unto the people, Fear not; for God is come to prove you, and that his fear may be before your faces, that ye sin not. And the people stood afar off, and Moses drew near unto the thick darkness where God was.  The funny thing about God...He was already in our "thick darkness" waiting for us.  To calm us, to comfort us, to even heal us (Chloe) when we ask.  He truly is amazing.


Chrissy said...

Oh my! How hard this must be! I'm praying for her healing!

~Amy~ said...

Thank you Chrissy! We are begging God to just heal her and never let her have another seizure.

Suanna said...

I will keep Chloe and your family in my prayers.

Our7isheaven said...

You and your family are the 3rd family I know who someone in the family has seizures. Each family a different situation.
Amy, I want you to know I'm adding Chloe to the top of my list with Bro Joe and Heather.
Praying daily for your dear little girl.