Date night!

Justus and I try to have dates regularly, but so often something comes up, or no money to go do anything....etc. But last night, we had a free date. Our Science center in Cleveland offers an annual Teachers night. When we first go there we got a box lunch...(not the best food I've ever had on a date, but hey, it was free!) Then we got to walk around the Science center and play with all the cool things there like a bunch of kids! I have never seen Justus so happy! It was cute. Then we got to go to the IMAX and watch not one, but 2 films! OY! I have never been so sick. I guess my tummy has gotten old right along with the rest of me. But, we persevered. Then we stopped by Chipotle on the way home and ordered a burrito to split! And!!!! Guess what? They gave us a free drink! Craziness! We spent only 8 dollars the whole night! See? I am a saver! I should go shopping right now! What a great night with my Honey! I do love that man! I thank God for a husband who is the leader of our home. I have never had to make a hard decision for our family, or even worry about the decisions being made in our home, I know he will do it. I don't have to worry about our finances, he does. I don't have to worry if our electric bill will be paid, I know he will pay it. I did truly marry my night in shinning armor.

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