Happy Sweetest Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's been such a wonderful day so far....really. Sittin' here recovering from the NyQuill I took last night with a lovely box of tissues and on occasion, getting up to take care of the children. Though, several "sweet" things have happened to me through this whole sickness.... This morning, Ty was so sick, he nursed and then slept right in my arms. He never does that. I know that was one of my last few glimpses of his precious baby self sleeping in my arms, happy and content after nursing...So sweet. Isaac is feeling better, though he really has wanted me to just "stratch his back" alot. He will come and put his little head in my lap and say "stratch Mamma". Awwww! Isaac is a Daddy's boy thru and thru. I tell him "I love you Isaac" and he always replies "I love Daddy too!" Hehehehe, and he really does love his Daddy! I made Taco Salad for my Sweetie today, it's his favorite. We won't be celebrating big this year, staying at home wiping noses, but one day we will wish for these lazy days where we all sit in front of the tv watching Pooh Bear all day. I am happy and content and almost thankful for the flu as it made me sit and enjoy my children like I don't normally get to do. Ben and Chloe are recovering. Ben is almost all better, just a bit of a cough, and Chloe is still coughing quite a bit. So, they are bouncing off the walls with energy. It's been fun! Happy Sweetest Day!


Sarah said...

So sorry you've been sick, but know what you mean by having sweet cuddle time with your kids. My youngest, Kate, has been sick this week and so cuddly. It's the only time she is! :D I'll be home tomorrow with my sick girls. Miss my church already, but it helps to know there are friends out there at the same stage of life I am who are also savoring time with their little ones. Whether you're home recovering or in church tomorrow, have a wonderful day!!

Amy Snow said...

True, true! Praying for you!!!!!!!!