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I'm just gonna throw this out there....

Depression may be setting in! We have been home sick for 2 weeks and one day now.  And it has been just a delightful time.  Though, the past 2 days everyone was starting to feel better, and the weather was in the high 60's, it was just beautiful....and so good to start feeling well again.  Until's raining, and I couldn't sleep last night due to the congestion so, finally at 4 or5 (can't remember), I threw back the covers and got up!  Enough!  We have started taking Emergen~C the last 2 days...hopefully we will be on the mend soon because...

on Tuesday, I am going to Pittsburgh to meet up with some friends for lunch and shopping!!!!!!!!!!!  I can't believe it!  I am so excited!  And I don't have to take even one kid with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  OH MAN!  Come quickly Tuesday!  Chloe, however is jealous, and so she said last night, "well, if you're gone all day, whose gonna take care of the animals?" (Hands on Hips...)  WHO CARES!?!?  I do believe we have left the animals for longer than this before, since I will only be gone during school hours, but she did give it her best shot. :)

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