Fall Festival at Baumans Farm in Rittman

We have made it a family tradition to go to Bauman's Farm the last couple of Falls for their family festival! It is so much fun. They have a beautiful apple farm, house, barns, and little shop. For 3 saturdays in the fall, they have a petting zoo, hay maze and wagon rides. So, we are still eating apples, a week later....Not sure what to do with all of them, any ideas? We had such a great time. Titus ate off of various apples he found on the ground....OY! I hope they weren't planning on harvesting any of those. The only casualty of the day was poor Chloe. They had a little kiddie ride where the kids sit in barrels and a small tractor takes them around the farm, so we sent all four kids off! HA! Justus and I just sat there on a swing not knowing what to do with ourselves..."what will retirement be like?" About 15 minutes later, here they come, rounding the corner....and poor Chloe looked so upset. You can see her in the picture. There was a bee in her barrell and it stung her 2ce. Then she "stomped it!" She is still having problems with that bite. Poor girl! We had such a great time, and again, any apple recipes are appreciated.

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