A day at the park and a au revoir to our mon cheri chaton....(dear kitty)

Do you ever wake up one day and think "where have the last two weeks gone?"  I did that just this morning...we have been sick for 2 weeks tomorrow.  And Chloe woke up with a tummy ache today, having never fully recovered from her flu.  AND!  Our little kitty Thomas J. Willoughby Snow died yesterday.....and Ty and Iz still have snot coming out of their noses, AND!  I still can't hear well out of my ears because of the snot in my head, AND, my throat is scratchy!  When will it all end?  I don't know, but I do know that today, as soon as I can clear the Nyquil from my head, I am going to get out of my pj's (if I am able to find some clean clothes) and head to Mustard Seed and buy some vitamins....I NEVER GET SICK!  NEVER!  I can't be sick.  But alas, I am.....
Now onto the cat..he loves Chloe, and followed her to the truck the other day, hoping above all hope that today was the day she would finally be proud enough of him to take him to school....so, he climbed into the wheel well, thinking that that would be a great way to achieve his goal.  As you can guess, it wasn't.  So, goodbye our little Tommy cat! 

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