2 observations I gathered while watching old family movies...

1.  I need to shut me yapper!  How aggravating is my own voice?  I feel like Izma on The Emporers New Groove when she is turned into a kitten... "is that my voice?"  "IS THAT REALLY MY VOICE?"   So, I vow, in front of God and all of you to stop talking while recording videos.  My little quips are funny....ONCE.  After that, they kinda lose something.

2.  My babies are growing up so fast!  Even videos from this past summer's vacation...wow.  They have grown.  Chloe's hair was much cutter short.  Ben had quite a few teeth missing.  Isaac....well, he was still Isaac, LOUD!  But he looked like a baby, now he is part man.  And Ty was so much fatter then.  I miss his baby fat...  I may cry.  He loved me so much then.  And now, sigh, I am an afterthought.

3.  (I know I said 2, IT'S MY BLOG!!!)  I hate winter.  I really do.  I want the sunshine to shine down upon our heads while the kids play in the pool out back whilst Sarah (the goat) roams freely eating the yummy green grass.  Summer, summer, wherefore art thou summer?

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