We took a lil' trip to Wisconsin.
Who am I foolin'?
It weren't lil', it was big.
12 1/2 hours big.
We did have a great time though, once we got there.
We got to see my husbands sister Sonja and her husband Mike.

They have a great mall.
Had to check that out.
You know me.
The kids loved the play land.

Isaac wore this hat literally the whole time we were there.
It was cold, don't get me wrong.
But literally the WHOLE TIME WE WERE THERE.

This pic is at the house we were staying at.
It's the staff house of the church there.
Really nice, old house. 
You know me and old houses, I am a sucker.
Can't help it.
Our kids so enjoyed camping out on the floor.

And then in one fell swoop it all went wrong.
Poor Ty.
He's had enough of being the youngest.
He's had enough of being Isaac's younger brother.
He's really just had enough.
Of it all.

He wants out.
Is there anyone out there with no children that would be willing to help?
He likes to cuddle.

I will add more pics later. 
These are just a few of the 300 and some that I took.
I might need to scaled down on the whole picture taking thing.


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