Pain in my belly....

I have been having this odd feeling in my uterus area.  

Couldn't figure out what it is and I am too busy to stop and think about it.

So today, I stopped for a few minutes and sat down while it was going on.
And realized its our baby moving.

I'm so dense.

On February 9th, I go for the ultrasound to find out what this little wee one is.

That is my husbands birthday.
If he is not able to go with me, I think I am going to make his birthday cake either blue or pink according to what me and the four kids find out.
That should be a fun visit.
I never was creative at finding ways to tell him we were expecting.....
and...alas, this time I threw the test at him, which wasn't really creative. 
I couldn't think beyond "WHAT????"

Any other ideas????

And, those are my random thoughts for the day.

I downloaded a new way to comment, don't let it scare you.
It should be easier to use for you, I hope.
And if you haven't become a follower yet, please do!!!

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