Best three months of my life....

I gotta say, since my husband has been out of work since November 1,
life has been pretty good.
A dear friend of mine told me that the only thing she regretted about the time her husband was laid off of work was that she worried so much and didn't enjoy his time at home.
I determined to try my hardest not to worry.
But to ENJOY ENJOY ENJOY my husband.
And while we haven't had money to go do anything, we enjoyed just being with eachother.
Doing things like laundry.
Ok, maybe didn't enjoy it, but enjoyed the time it gave us together.
I am so thankful for a husband who loves me.
He has done the majority of the laundry and dishes and homeschooling while he's been home.
To be honest, I feel pampered.
I don't want him to go back to work.
Can't he just stay here and do all my work while I laze around?

But seriously....
I am gonna miss him when he goes back to work.
And, I am going to have to clean...and cook....and fold laundry....and teach.
Pray for me, will ya?

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