New Years Resolutions

I don't know what's wrong with me.
I have no motivation.
I don't care about resolutions.
Or "Word of the Year."
I think I need therapy.
Or coffee in IV form.
Maybe this mundane feeling is due to the fact that I am on my fifth pregnancy.
Or maybe it's because I'm old.
I feel old.
Old and fat.
And old.

Maybe it's because I am in the house all day.
And, it's winter.
No parks in winter.
I mean, I guess we could go, but I don't like to be cold.

Man, I am depressing myself.

So, I will tell you the blessings instead.
My husband "probably" has a job.
Praise the Lord.
I am anxious to get into a good routine. 
It's hard to do that when everyone is home allllll the time.

We found a great church.
A older man came up to my husband on Sunday morning and asked if he could pray for us with Justus.
What a blessing.
The Pastor is a sweet, caring man.
His wife is funny and just a lovely lady.
Every time we go to church we feel blessed.

Our kids are all healthy.
I can't overlook that.
I read quite a few blogs throughout the week.
It seems I can look back on this last year and remember several families who lost a child.
I won't ever take for granted our health.
I remember with my Mom....
she got cancer.
She was so healthy until that DR appointment and then for the next 2 1/2 years
she was just sick...
or hurting.
I know how quickly it can happen.
I can't ever stop thanking God for good health.

So, I hope you are having a wonderful New Year! 
Make lots of resolutions and think up a good word for the year.
I'm just gonna sit here in my rockin' chair and eat.


Jaime said...

I love your posts Amy! I'd say all of the above btw. Excited for you all about the job prospect...now I will have two friends to visit when passing through your area...not that that happens too often. ;)

Btw - I don't think my blog is showing up on your page either...not that I am obsessed about it or anything. Maybe there is a option I am supposed to choose...

~Amy~ said...

Jaime, I noticed that today too. I will go check it. I follow you in my Google Reader but I am not sure why it wouldn't put you on my blog page. Let me check....

~Amy~ said...

Alright, I fixed it. It was my fault. I have it fixed so I have to manually add blogs to the page. Only SPECIAL blogs get represented here. ;) Yours is special now! YEAH!

Anonymous said...

Love you girlie!! Your blogs make me smile, laugh, and want to reach through the computer and squeeze ya with a hug! Happy about your hubby's job! Can't wait for #5 either! ;) - Trina S.

~Amy~ said...

I can't wait for #5 to get out either! Ha. And I'm not even close yet! Oy.

heather@it'stwinsanity said...

Resolutions are overrated! January is when the winter "blahs" really start to hit, isn't it? Sunny days are coming soon! (I hope!) :)