Birth Story part 2....{{{the saga continues}}} *insert music*

And it went awesome!I didn't panic. She came out big as we had suspected, but she was perfect.  Absolutely perfect.And it was a beautiful birthing experience.Everyone worked fast and hard to get her out quickly and to keep my mind occupied through it all.The Dr's and nurses made sure that I saw her as much as I was able.And my sweet husband sat by my head the whole time chatting away as though we were on a date and just had nothing better to do; which kept me completely calm.
They finally took me to my room, which was a beautiful room with a huge window, nice view, and a sitting area that was separate from the bed area. It was really nice!
I got a bit of an infection 4 days after and had to be on antibiotics.Not a big deal, but could have done without some of the side effects of antibiotics.
AND then....the big whammie....We decided to take a trip to see my mother in law and husband's family over the Fourth of July.He had the Fourth off and so, what better time to come?We traveled the 5 hours it takes, spent all day Saturday there with my mother in law and some other family members that popped in here and there.Saturday night we went to the hotel room we had reserved.I was feeling pretty sick but thought that maybe I had just over done it that day.My newborn is only 2 weeks old....I should be tired, right?So, during the middle of the night, I woke to feed Annaleah and change Titus (he had a lil' accident on the hotel floor.  ewwww!and I noticed that my hip hurt, excruciating!I tried to move it around, wiggle it, etc.I figured maybe I had slept on it wrong...I went back to sleep for a few hours and woke at 7.Justus was getting the kids ready to go swim.I was in some serious pain and I just thought that maybe a nice hot shower would relieve some pain.I got in the shower and looked at my leg (that would barely work at this point)and my stomach just dropped. My leg was HUGE and purple.I knew right away that I had a blood clot.I called the DR, they said get to the ER quickly.And, so off we went.We were both pretty panicked knowing that blood clots kill...

To be continued....{again}


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