Birth story part 1...{{{who knew there was so much to say?}}

I was just sitting here pondering the events of my life since last October.The majority of my time has been spent sick.Wow.
The beginning of the pregnancy was the sickest I have been while pregnant. Wasn't that nice of God to save the best for last?  Ha.Then we had a bleeding scare.I've had those before while pregnant, but this one was a bit more serious.The Dr said there was nothing I could do but wait and see if the baby made it.My husband happened to be in Indiana when this all went down and I was here alone with all four children.We had decided that since he didn't have any work, he would go and work for his brother for a weekand I would stay home.So....this particular time, I called my sister in law and asked her to come watch my kids while I went by myself to the ER.  I knew that my other SIL would come be with me if I needed her to, but I am so independent. {{Which is laughable to me now.}}And so, finally the baby survived that and I did too and I thought, "glad that is over, the rest should be smooth sailing."All the comments began about how big I was, etc.I began worrying about having a delivery or c~section.And dealing with normal pregnancy stuff.
Until about 28 weeks.I got gestational diabetes. Boy that was fun.I'll never forget....I took my kids to the park after visiting with the Dr who had given me my first test kit.I knew I had to poke my poor wittle finger.I do not like pain.I do not like inflicting pain upon myself.AT ALL.My kids wanted to go play so they were counting it down for me..."Ok, Mom, ONE...TWO....THREE...."And I just couldn't do it.hahahah!I don't know how long we sat in that van, but I finally did it.And for the next 11 weeks, I dealt with all the complications from high sugars and low sugars and "what am I supposed to eat?""What am I not supposed to eat?""What do I do if my sugar is 236?""Or 76?"I have great respect for diabetics now.I have never felt so crazy trying to figure that all out.
And then...I decided to go ahead with a c~section.We knew she would be big and the risks that came along with the diabetes and her being big just weren't worth it to me.  I hated to have a c~section, but I did feel better once the decision was finally made and the date was set.
What's funny is that all this time, the only thing I worried about was my c~section...

To be continued.....


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