Maybe...just maybe.

Almost a year ago, some things happened in my life.
And I'll be honest, I shut down emotionally.
I built up walls.
I didn't want friends. 
I didn't want to talk on the phone to anyone.
You see, if you have a friend, they can hurt you. {Amen preachers wives?  Been there?}
I had been hurt.
But I wasn't going to be hurt anymore.
I didn't need a friend.
I didn't want to go to the park, or out to eat...
I'm fine by myself.

And then the blood clot.
I can't say for sure that this is why God brought me to this place.
But I can say that this is one good thing that came out of this particular circumstance in my life.
I learned something.
People love me.
I'm not saying that to be conceited.  
People care.
And I have missed out on friendships...
the taking and the giving side, because of the walls that I had built up.
I'm not saying this won't ever happen again, but for today, I am thankful to have learned this lesson.
I need friends.
I need family.
And I hope that when they need me, I can be there for them, like they have been here for me.

No more walls.


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