Birth story part 3 {{the grande finale}}

Perhaps this all shouldn't be lumped together as "birth story", but it is all connected in an odd sort of way.
We got all the kids into the van and started driving to the ER.  We were at a hotel, not by any family or anything, so all the kids just came with us.  Unfortunately, that means they had to see a lot of crying and worrying on their parent's faces.  We finally get to the ER and they take me right in and begin the sonogram that tells if there is a blood clot.  In comes my Dr about 2 hours later to give us the bad news; somber face and all.  He told us that I had an 8 inch blood clot in my thigh.  It would involve lots of medication the next couple of days and a 3 day hospital stay.  All I heard was the medication part.  I asked him if I could take the meds while nursing my 2 week old newborn.  He got out his little phone, looked it up and said "No, you'll have to stop nursing."  And that is all I heard from that moment on....I didn't hear that I would have to lay very still for a 24 hour period so the clot wouldn't break free and go to my lungs.  I didn't hear that I would be on meds for the next 6- 9 months.  All I heard was this baby that I was holding on the hospital bed in my arms, I would have to quit nursing her at 2 weeks of age.  I bawled...Justus cried and then I bawled some more.  They asked me if I wanted to feed her "one more time."  So they closed the curtain and I nursed my baby for the very last time.  You better believe that I bawled through that one too.  Finally it became overwhelming to even think about it anymore so I handed her to Justus.
They came in and wheeled me up to my room that I would spend the next 5 days in.  And so began the shots in the stomach and a lot of pain.  I had never really known anyone with a blood clot before and didn't know a whole lot about them, quite frankly.  But I started looking things up online ~ this saved me later....
A red headed nurse came in {I never saw her before or after this particular meeting}  she said "Ma'am, I was looking up breastfeeding and Coumadin online and I didn't find anything that said you would have to stop nursing your baby.  I would look into that if I were you before I stopped."  And she left.  I had already kinda decided to pump for a couple of days and just throw the milk out....just in case I was ever allowed to nurse her again.  I called Annaleah's Dr, I called my Ob/GYN, I asked the Dr who came in to see me every morning, I had 2 of the nurses call the pharmacist and ask and they all said "No, you can't nurse while on Coumadin."  I searched the internet...I had nurses searching the internet pulling for me to be able to nurse.  Everything I found online said that coumadin did not transfer through breast milk.  I was perplexed.  Why were these Dr's telling me no if there was no proof?  A nurse finally found a paper from the American Academy of Pediatrics on a study they had done that said it was NOT TRANSFERRED!  I was pretty excited.  So, long story, kinda short, I started nursing her my first day home!  I've never been so happy and felt so blessed.
Looking back on my days at the hospital {all 5 of them.}I can see God just blessing me and watching over me.  My first day nurse came in the second day and was surprised when she opened my door.  She said "I didn't think I'd see you here today."  I just looked at her and said "why?"  They knew the Dr had said 3 days at least....  She said "honey, I've never seen a clot that big, I didn't think you'd make it through the night."  All I can do is praise God.  I know that I had tons of people praying for me..  My mother in law is a great prayer warrier and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that she spent sleepless hours praying for me.  My husband, who just took over with the baby when i couldn't, he prayed his heart out for me.  Even Ben and Chloe would come out of the boys bedroom at Grandma's house with moist eyes and when asked what they were doing, they said "praying for Mommy."  I know many of you were praying.  And, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  God was merciful to me.  And He wanted me to go through this valley for some reason.  I hope I learn everything I can through it.

And so, me and Annaleah are doing just fine.  I am still in much pain, but I do feel a decrease.  I hobble around like the hunchback of Notre Dame, but that is okay.  This too shall pass.  Annaleah is nursing like a pro....she doesn't even remember those yucky bottles.   And she's gained a pound since birth.  And!!!  She's beautiful.

That's my story.


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