Progress with my leg...

I went to the Dr yesterday for some blood work and the Coumadin got adjusted again, but it is working.
I am anemic.  Which kinda goes with the territory, I think.  So, I will start on Iron.
I have arthritis in my hip.  Oh joy.  He gave me some medication to take when it acts up, unfortunately, I can't take it while nursing {apparently they don't count on nursing mothers to get arthritis.}
I am walking quite a bit better!  I still have to have a scooter when we go shopping...but seriously, who doesn't want to ride one of those around Wal~Mart?  I might just keep that tradition.

I'll tell you what is odd to me.  Several of my friends are going through now, or have been through health scares right around the time that I went through mine.  It's kinda neat to be able to pray for them and on some level, know what they are going through.  I never imagined myself going thru something so drastic as this blood clot has been at such a "young" age.  Prayer is so important.  I am thankful to have friends who prayed diligently for me and whom I can pray for now.  It does seem to bring a closeness that maybe you wouldn't have otherwise felt.

Hope you are having a great Saturday!


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