I'm not really sure

What is going on in my life.
I keep thinking that tomorrow it will slow down.
Or, after this certain thing happens, or that.
But, alas....every day seems to bring new challenges.

I just joined an internship program that runs for 12 weeks long...starting now.
That gives me two (or less) weeks off before I have the baby.
So, instead of enjoying this my last pregnancy, I shall be working...
and then working some more...
and then homeschooling...
and then doing laundry for 6 people....
and then doing dishes and cooking.

I'm skeered!
But, I am thankful for this opportunity to learn more about Medical Transcription so that
after lil' Annaleah comes out, I can possibly get a good paying job.
And, not have the stress of wondering how to do it.

So, pray for me if you would as I embark on this new journey.

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