My Sweet Sister-in-Laws...

Or is it sisters-in-law?
There are 2 of them.

Anyway, I digress.

My sil's decided a couple of months ago to throw me a baby shower at our new church.
Which was really sweet of them since I hadn't expected AT ALL to have a shower
for the 5th child.  
But, they love me, er, their brother.
Maybe they love us both.
You see, I had gotten rid of allllllllllllll my baby stuff.
Every bit of it.
Because we were done.
So, I can't wait to see what I don't have to buy on Saturday.
And I can't wait to see some people that I haven't seen for months! 
It's gonna be fun.

A couple of weeks ago, Joanna came up to me and said they both wanted to take me and Chloe out 
to get manicures right before my shower.
So, last night, we partied with the peeps at the nail salon.
And the lady doing my nails told me "this ain't no Starbucks, honey."
WELL, I never!
But we laughed and laughed and laughed.
Me and Chloe got to have our first manicure!
It was a blast!
{{Objects in picture appear fatter than they really are.}}
This lady doing my nails is the one who informed me that I wasn't at Starbucks.
I still feel emotionally scarred from that.
And you can see Chloe behind me!

After we felt all pretty, we went to the Mexican restaurant where we all gourged ourselves like pigs on white cheese and fried burritos.
And then we walked through WalMart and complained about how very sick we all were from eating too much and swore we would never do that ever again.
{{{{Though we will and hopefully soon!}}}}

My Chloe wanted me to have a girl with both Isaac and Titus.
And then, after all the talk about how great it was to be an only girl, 
she decided that she wanted to remain the only girl this time.
Welcome Annaleah!
So, Christi and Joanna decided that Chloe needed to be made to feel really special for this shower.
{Which I think is so sweet of them.}
They bought her a new dress for Saturday
and let her pick out a gift for Annaleah.

They have really just spoiled me this week.
And I wanted to make a post to thank them.
I am blessed because I get to be part of their family.
Thank you guys!

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