Um, okay...

Insults of the day:
1.  While at JCPenneys today I was using a $10 dollar off a $10 dollar purchase coupon
or I just might have left.
The lady at the counter who was checking us out said
"when are you due?"
I said 
{{I always just leave it at June, people are really shocked when I say June 25th.}}
And to this she replied:

2.  My darling husband and I were discussing my state of pregnancy and I said "I'm only 28 weeks."
To this he replied:
"Honey, look at her, does she look just 28 weeks to you, or 38 weeks?" 

K, thanks Babe. 

Ha.  To his and her credit, I am HUGE!
But, I am still going to go lay down in bed with a donut and suck my thumb.

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