My Ty~Ty!

I just had a lovely conversation with this boy who is now my favorite child.
Don't tell the others.
{{{Kids, if you ever read this, know that at one point you were each my favorite, this just happens to be Ty's shinning moment.}}}

He has been wearing this Thomas hat lately.
He adores it.
And I adore the way it pushes his ears out.

He came up to me a few minutes ago and here is the conversation:
Ty ~ Mom, do you like my hat?
Me ~ Ty I love your hat!  It's my favorite hat EVER!
Ty ~ you don't have a hat.
Me ~ No, I don't.
Ty ~ Daddy does though.
Me ~ Yep, he's a boy like you Ty, and I'm a girl.
{{He is really into the fact that he is more like Daddy than me lately.}}
Ty ~ Daddy isn't a boy.
Me ~ No?
Ty ~ He's berry berry big {said while holding his hands out to demonstrate just how big Dad is.}
Me ~ Yes he is a man..
Ty ~ a big man.
Me ~ Yep.
Ty ~ but you are just a little girl mom.  Berry berry little.

Now you see why he is my favorite????

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