My Isaac, again.

He's the child that I always say gives us the hardest time,
but in reality, he does have such a tender heart.

Today Isaac and Titus had to get their fingers poked to check their iron levels.
It was quite dramatic.
Lets just say that God did give us some Drama Queens even though we have primarily boys.

At church tonight, our Pastor has a real prayer service.
He does teach....but a good part of the service is prayer requests, praises,  and then prayer.
Justus and I were sitting beside each other with Ty on my other side and Isaac on his other side
and then Ben and Chloe were down from Isaac.
Well, we were busy writing down requests and I heard Preacher say "Yes.."
So I looked up to see who had another request.
It was Isaac.
All by himself.
Raising his little hand.
NONE of our children have ever done this before, so I was just in tears at the sweetness of it.
He said "Pray for my brudder and me, we got pokies today."
He just melts my heart.

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