At the risk of completely loosing my sanity....

I can't keep up with it all.
I can't keep the WHOLE HOUSE CLEANED all at once anymore.
Ok, so, I have come to grips with that.
I will not let that bit of knowledge take me down.
I won't.
I am going to conquer this.....
So, I saw this idea on a blog I follow.
This lady has "Focus Days."

And so I made some focus days for myself.
Monday ~ Get the downstairs straightened.
Living room and kitchen cleaned and back in order from the weekend.
Yesterday I got a bucket of water with Lavender scented Pine soap and wiped down the whole table and chairs and all my cabinets...  It didn't take that long, and it felt good to do it.  I also washed the floors in the LR/Kit/Dining room.

Tuesday ~ Laundry day...  I have about 8 loads of laundry to do.  I may not get them all done today, but I am going to FOCUS on this today.  Also the laundry room will get a quick cleaning though.   (And boy does it need it!)

Wednesday ~ Since a move seems to be on the horizon ( as our house is being put up for sale shortly) I am going to pack 3 or 4 boxes.  Since Marcy doesn't live in the area anymore I figure I am going to have to do it all by myself this time.  I might as well get started.  I would also like to take a couple of bags to Goodwill or the dump, etc. once a week.  We have a large walk-in closet....I realize we might not have this where we move.  Or any closet for that matter.  Not to mention that I have one of my Grandmother and Grandfather's church outfits.  She had a KELLY GREEN AND NAVY BLUE ladies suit and he had a kelly green mens suit.  Oh my, they were adorable when they wore those.  Yeah, I still have them in my closet.  Not sure why.  I also have one of my Grandmothers fur coats...and an OLD fashioned dress that she made.  I'm saying this like I am going to get rid of these things.  Not gonna happen.  They will be packed and moved as many times as we do.  Why?  I don't know.

Thursday ~ Bedroom day.....I need to help my kids more on their rooms, as well as our own.  I find often that our room is where everything gets shoved.....that AIN'T right.  But if I spend 20-30 minutes up there once a week, it could stay clean I am sure.  And, we have a TV up there...I could get my room cleaned while spending some me time!  Oh yeah.  Amy Snow multitasking extraordinaire!

Friday ~ Bathrooms day...we have 3.  Which I am just going to throw it out there and say, unless you can afford a maid, it's just too many bathrooms to have.  Our bathroom in our bedroom is usually clean...but the other too, not so much...

Now, off I go to do laundry.  I feel better already just writing this out.  Thank you for listening to my mundane stories and life.  I will try to be more exciting....next year.

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