Tidbits of news for you.

Did you know you can become addicted to Afrin nasal spray?
And that because of that addiction it can actually hurt your nasal passages and make it even more difficult to breath?
Yeah, I didn't either....until today.

We've had soup and sandwiches the last 2 days for almost every meal.
Tomato soup and club sandwiches...
Chicken noodle soup and pbj's.....
A couple of grilled cheese thrown in here and there.

I can't breath through my nose at all...but I am on detox from Afrin....it's evil.

We are in the midst of a blizzard.
I just watched our neighbor walk all the way down her huge drive to get the mail.
Uh, it's President's Day.
Apparently she didn't get the memo.
Poor lady.

We had a revival at our house today.
Emily and Isaac and Titus were going down the stairs.
I heard someone fall.
So, I went to investigate.
Emily and Ty were praying for Isaac's "big boo~boo!"
They didn't know I was there.
Then Isaac went to each of them and hugged them and said "I'm sorry."
I don't know what he was sorry for, but I felt the Spirit move here on Schocalog Road.

And, here we sit in the dark living room watching a movie with our ki~ki's (blankets) and various stuffed animals....
Chloe keeps looking at me asking me why I am breathing hard.
Need I remind you that I can't breath out of my nostrils?
I didn't think so.

Summer will come soon.
Won't it?
Please say it will.
Please say this baby will come out of me eventually.
And I will loose the baby weight.
One day.

Trapped in my house and bored out of my mind,

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