SIO Days

I have instituted yet another named day in the Snow family household.

SIO days.

Days in which I sit in my office all morning and grade, check facebook, record grades, write a meaning-less blog post, grade, blow my nose, and then grade some more.

I found I wasn't spending enough time with my schoolers as opposed to the little ones.

So on Mondays and Thursdays, I pretty much sit in my chair all morning.
I make a job chart each week for each child.

I also go through their individual Abeka lesson plan books and highlight with 3 different colors the things they need to do this week.

For example:
In Chloe's Arithmetic:
Yellow is the things she can do all on her own (the worksheet pages.)
Orange means ASK MAMMA FOR HELP.  This implies something I have to teach her that she hasn't done before.
Pink means a test or quiz.  I have two little shelves that when they are done with a test or quiz they bring it up to my desk with the grade book for that subject and put it in their own slot on the shelve instead of piling it all on my desk.

We are getting this homeschooling thing down finally.  Now that it's February.


I don't know who is more excited, them or me.

So, to summarize this post for your reading enjoyment...

If you see me on FB like all day long it's because it's a SIO day.
Don't judge.

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