Trip to Amish Country and the cutest doily I have ever in my whole life seen.

We started the day off with lunch at this little Diner. 
We've eaten there before with our Auntie Marcy.
They all got an ice cream cone for dessert!
I love free.

Auntie Marcy, remember Lena's House?
Remember running out of Lena's House as fast as our legs could take us due to the trail of stink
our beloved husbands were leaving behind?
Ain't they precious?

I found this little yellow doily at one of the shops and just couldn't turn it down.
So cute for Easter.

This was how we spent the day...
Strolling in the 56 degree weather...
hand in hand...
in love.
It was wonderful.

Hope you enjoyed the lovely weather.
You know it's going to snow again, right?

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