Our church has a nursing home ministry once a month on Sunday afternoons.
Justus and Chloe had went last time, and he was preaching yesterday so we all decided we would go.  
I figured the elderly would love to see our kids.
And they did.
Fawned over them, to be exact.
Petted their little red heads.

And exclaimed in AWE over the beauty of Titus...
ok, maybe not, but I did.
He is beautiful, you know.

So, after my husband preached, we walked around and talked with
the people who came, made sure they got back to their room.

This lady named Ursula ~ but prefers to be called "Sue"  pointed her crooked finger at me and then called me over to her wheel chair.
She wanted to talk.
So, I listened.
And listened.
And listened.
She told me about her kids.
Her pregnancies, etc.
At one point she made a "joke" of sorts.
So, I laughed...
and then something I hope I will never forget happened:
She hit me in the belly ~ not hard, mind you, just the kind you would do when you punch someones arm when you really want to let them know that you are clever with your jokes....You know.  You've wanted to be clever before.  

So, she hits my belly and made a shocked expression on her face and said:

"Is that YOUR baby in there?"

Bahhahahahahaha!  I never laughed so hard in my life.
Uh, yeah, Ursula, I think it just might be.

Hope you have a great day.
Go visit a nursing home, it will ensure you have at least one or two laughs to take home with you!

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