Names, names, names....

I gotta say, this one threw me for a loop.
I really thought that it would just be a boy.
The others were....

It took the U/S tech 45 minutes to find the gender though.
She kept laughing because the baby was in the fire drill position, but every once in a while, she would
wave a hand at us.
Probably a drama queen already just like her big sister.
Anyway, I am thrilled...
But, can't get a name down!
We love the name Charys...but my husband is kinda iffy on that one
now that it is actually down to the wire.
Leah is his Mom's name, so we thought of Leah Anne.
My Mom was Ann.
I love Ava.  That's a no-go.
Grace.  Cute, but he doesn't think so.

Anyone have any ideas????

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