Well, my pregnancy is half over.
We get to see what the little bean is today!
And I am so excited!
Not so excited that I can't go back to sleep after my husband left for work though...
which is where I am headed now.

And may I just say?
I love that I fixed my husband a delightful breakfast all from pre~packaged, pre~made food on his 35th birthday!
Biscuits and Gravy and Bacon....
Ok, the biscuits were in a can.  (Don't think ill of me, please.)
The gravy was pre~packaged from Bob Evans...good ol' Bob.
And the bacon was pre~cooked, I just had to warm it.
Best wife of the year award RIGHT HERE!

Well, off to bed for an hour or so.
I will be back later to let you know what we found out at the DR office.

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