Family Day

About once a month, we try to do a Family Fun Day.  
No work, just go do something fun.  
A couple of weeks ago, we went to Amish Country to a place called Lehman's Hardware.  
I just love this store.  It's much more than hardware.  
And the kitchen section has every imaginable item you could ever need.
And most of it is very Amish influenced.  
Check out poor Ty's face. 
He wanted to be held. 
Not put on some stupid bench.
He always wants to be held.

Me and Benny looking at the toys.  You can see the train track that runs around the top of the toy shop.  So neat.  Do you see Titus' lil' head?

Chloe checking out the girlie stuff.  They really have the coolest toys!

Me and Isaac.  Daddy was up top in the clearance section checking that all out.  

Ty, apparently, can't stop looking long enough to give a smile to the camera man!  HA!

I wub him!

Ben looking at the toys.  Ok, so maybe Justus wasn't checking out the clearance.  
He took a lot of pictures.

Ty fell asleep holding on to a couple of toys, on his bedroom floor , in his boppy.  
Oh the sweetness!
Seriously, if I was guaranteed to have more just like him, I'd do it today!


Anonymous said...

Oh the beauty of Lehmans. It looks like the whole family enjoyed themself. Poor Iz. It looks like a fairy world. -Marcy

sheila said...

I LOVE Lehmans! (I live just outside of Cleveland, but my parents live in Wooster.) LOTS of fun stuff there! AND...if the end of the world hits....that guy will be rich!


~Amy~ said...

You are absolutely right Sheila~