I love shicken!

My lil' Isaac again.

He loves shicken (chicken.)

At every meal while we are eating he tells us over and over and over....

" I love shicken.  Do you love shicken Mamma, Daddy?  Benny do you love shicken?"

It's all we hear about these days.

This morning he asked if he could write on my grocery list. 

I showed him the spot of the folded copy paper that he could use.  

And I wrote his name on it just in case he wanted to copy.

Here's what we got:

And you'll never believe what this is a picture of....

A boy....

A girl....

And after a few minutes of serious thinking....



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Anonymous said...

That Isaac keeps getting better and better. Any chance we could have him for a few days?

Schiken? He thinks of all the good words.-Marcy