Funny Words from Iz.... (No, he isn't my favorite, he just does EVERYTHING....)

While driving down the HIGHWAY today:

Isaac ~ Mom, can you stratch (scratch) my back?
Mom ~ Isaac, Mommy is driving, I can't reach your back.
Dirty look from little boy...
Mom ~ Isaac, I am sorry.
Dirty look from little boy...
Mom ~ Isaac, Mommy is sorry and I will scratch your back when we get home.
Isaac ~ Otay Mom, I forgive you.

While playing make believe last night with the family:

Isaac ~ "Ok, Ty, you be a pig.
Chloe, you be a cow...
Mom, you be a dog...
and Daddy, you be Jesus."

Hahahaha!  How did Daddy make it all the way to Jesus and I get to be a stinkin' dog?
I gave birth to this kid with no meds.  



Kayte said...

LOL!!! Funny! Kids are great!

Shannon said...

Hahahahhaha! How funny. I really love the dog/Jesus one! That is just great.