West Side Market

This is where we went today for Family Fun Day!  Oh yeah.  It was really cool.

The first section was all fruits and vegetables.

The next building was meats, cheeses, a pasta booth with all different flavors of pasta.
A pierogi booth!  HEAVEN!

Cookies, pastries, cannolies!  OH MY.  I could have spent my whole day there just looking at all the yumminess!

My absolute favorite buy of the day was some bread.  
They had the most beautiful bread there that I had ever seen.
Someone even had sculpted wheat forms onto the top of the bread.

The one on the right is a garlic baguette.

And the left is an Italian bread.
I think we will eat the garlic one with our meatloaf and taters tonight and then the 
Italian bowl with our Corn Chowder on wednesday.
I am a sucker for good bread.  
I can't help it. 
It called to me, I answered.
      And actually, they were pretty cheap.


Anonymous said...

Your blog is so entertaining. I could tell it was a shicken right away. Tell Chloe she would have made a great Brownie. She looked so cute in your uniform. I was a Brownie and I think I still may have my book! Went through Girl Scouts and designed my own badge. I was so proud. Good memories.

Stephanie Snow said...

Amy, I really enjoy your blog....its so much fun to read your cute stories about the kiddos...thanks for sending smiles my way!!!

~Amy~ said...

Thanks Steph!